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More than three hundred joined Living Measure in raising enough money to save over five hundred lives...

More than two hundred guests joined Living Measure in raising enough money to save over five hundred lives from the fatal effects of malaria...


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Become a Corporate Partner

Through Living Measure's partnership program, corporations can take advantage of an opportunity to support a dynamic, emerging charity that is quickly establishing its unique identity as a source for charitable and sociable giving amongst its particular demographic.

As a corporate partner, your organization can play a leading role in ensuring that Living Measure will realize its mission of raising substantial money for other charities that benefit underserved communities.  At the same time, you can promote your marketing objectives, your business goals and your bottom line by taking advantage of the many benefits of contributing to Living Measure.

There are two ways that your company can support Living Measure:

  • Corporate Sponsorships
    Corporate sponsorships with Living Measure offer your company affiliation with a particular event or fundraising effort.
  • Corporate Donations
    Living Measure's corporate donors play an important role in positioning the charity as a community resource by funding its programming needs.

Please contact for more information about the benefits of becoming a corporate sponsor.

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